Thanksgiving Day

“The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.” —Psalm 33:5 Good, grand, old-fashioned Thanksgiving Day has come. Nothing could stop it. It pressed down through the weeks and months, its way lighted by burn... Continue Reading...

90 Percent of All Lepers

Good lepers are those who are healed and never forget the disease they once had. They remember how good clean feels. Bad lepers, on the other hand, are those who are healed and go on acting as if they never had the disease. This Thanksgiving sermon encourages us to model our lives after the leper.

Mannaburgers and Roast Quail

In this sermon, which focuses on God's provision of manna for his people, Thanksgiving is our response to grace. Thanksgiving humbly acknowledges: "God how good You are to me!" Thanksgiving is responding to God's grace even in the midst of trouble. "In everything," Paul wrote, "give thanks." Not necessarily for everything, but in every situation, give thanks for who God is.