Heavenly Harvest

Thankfulness is more than words. According to this Thanksgiving sermon, it is a positive mental attitude, focused on God and grateful for all the benefits that are ours as believers. It is a lifestyle rooted in the disposition of our hearts! Matthew Henry said 'Thanksgiving is good but thanks-living is better.'

Thankfulness: A Thankful Heart

This Thanksgiving sermon focuses on the role models in the faith that God has giving us. "We have so much to be thankful for: God's grace that has been extended to us and role models that have helped us to see it."

Thankfulness: Where are the Nine?

This creative Thanksgiving sermon looks at the healing of the 10 lepers and imagines what might have happened afterwards. Why didn't they return to give thanks? Like you and me, they were human and had other pressing business. But who's to say that, years later, they didn't realize the gift they'd been given and share their story out of gratitude for what God had done.

Thankfulness: In Everything?

The most important attitude that we will ever nurture, according to this Thanksgiving sermon, is the attitude of thanksgiving. If we are able by the grace of God to cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving in what we do, say, and are about, we will know a life that is at once more challenging and more fulfilling.