Coping With Grief

Job 40:1-5, 42:1-6 Sometimes when I am with groups of children, I say to them, "If you could ask God any question, what would you ask Him?" Children raise questions like these: Why do dogs chase cats? Where does the sky end? Who does God's job when he is on vacation? Is it true that my f

What God Taught Me Through My Wife’s Cancer

John 1:5 I sat in a cushioned chair beside my wife's hospital bed reading C. S. Lewis's The Problem of Pain on the morning of August 15, 2002. Honestly, the pain was mine but it was more for my wife's as she lay with bandages, tubes, and a morphine pump to ease the agony of the nine-hour surgery she had...

When God Seems Absent

This eternal fountain is hidden deep, Well l know where it has its spring, Though it is night! (St. John of the Cross) My friend Nancy Beach once taught a series on spiritual life in which she compared our varying experiences of God's presence to the seasons of the year.