I Did It Because I Could

1 John 1:8-10; Romans 3:8 Several months ago I, like you, sat in front of the television set listening as former President Bill Clinton was being interviewed by Dan Rather and was reflecting on his life. Obviously, he was promoting his book. Dan Rather put the microphone in his face and asked him the question that...

Sin Vaccination

Isaiah 53:6 In October of 1347, a Genoese fleet returned from the Black Sea, carrying in her cargo the death sentence for Europe. By the time the ships landed in Messina, Italy, most of the sailors were dead. The few who survived wished they hadn't. Fever racked their bodies. Festering boils v

When You Mess Up Big Time

When You Mess Up Big Time (Lectionary Starters) Fourth Sunday in Lent, Year B March 30, 2003 Numbers 21:4-9, John 3:14-21 Jim Killen, Aminister of the United Methodist Church, Beaumont, TX Have you ever realized that you have really messed up big time? If you have, you may be able to understa

A Good Start Stained

A Good Start Stained (February, 2003 POL) Topic: Original Sin Author: Robert Kopp, Pastor, Bethany Presbyterian Church, Loves Park, IL Title: A Good Start Stained Text: Romans 5:9 They had it all. Adam and Eve had such a good start in life. They were created "in the image of God" or at the h