A Faith that Won’t Quit

Have you ever known someone with whom you didn't get along well? Maybe it was someone you had just met and you simply didn't "click." Or maybe you were taught by your family not to like certain people. One of the most famous family feuds in American history is the conflict between the Hatfields and McCoys.

Don’t Give Out … Be Persistent

Don't Give Out ... Be Persistent (Third in a Series) Daniel 1:17-21 I love those words in Daniel 1:21 - "Thus Daniel continued." He finished strongly! He was persistent. For 70 years he did not give in, nor did he give up, nor did he give out. He was not only resista

Don’t Give Up … Be Consistent

Don't Give Up ... Be Consistent (Second in a Series) Daniel 1:8-16 Often the tendency of so many of us is to be overcome and overrun by the culture around us. For some it becomes easier to simply give up trying to hold on to biblical principles and go along with the