A Tale of Two Kings

What was it that enabled David to win at life despite his disadvantages and why did Saul, despite all his advantages, fail to do the same?

Out Of Egypt I Have Called My Son

Matthew 2:13-23 It's amazing how quickly we can go from the heights to the depths in our lives. That is what we see happening in Matthew 2 to Joseph and Mary. A group of wise men from the East come and visit them and throw a baby shower that is fit for a king and, indeed, that is who they say this baby is. ...

The Worth of a Man

Daniel 1 The Christian life is like a boat drifting in the sea of this world. It is often difficult to weather the storms. In Daniel 1.1-2, Daniel and his companions are snatched from their home to Babylon, an alien faraway place around the time of 606 BC. The Babylonians...

David, a Man with a Cause

1 Samuel 17 Before his untimely death in 1955 at the age of 24, the American actor James Dean starred in his second film "Rebel Without A Cause," in which he played a moody, troubled son of a middle-class family. In more recent years Franklin Graham, the son of the internationally known evangelist Billy Graham, penned an account of his testimony