The Great Communicator, 1911-2004

Only weeks removed from our next national elections, now seems the appropriate time to reflect again upon the recent passing of this generation's most popular President, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Tributes to our fallen President filled the airwaves in the hours following his death. I was especially

Integrity – Don’t Leave Home Without It

What is the single most important trait of one who desires to truly make a difference in our culture and world today? Some might say intellect. After all, knowledge is power and many believe that the most important thing they can have in addressing the culture is intellect. Still others might say it is insight. That is, good old common sense and the ability to see through issues and use discernment. However, in the long run there's one word which describes the single most important characteristic of one who finishes strongly and makes a lasting difference in the midst of a culture. The word is integrity.