Holy Joseph

While at Christmas time we often remind ourselves of the fact that God chose Mary because she was highly favored and blessed among women, Joseph, too, received a divine appointment because of a similar life of piety and devotion to God. This Christmas sermon examines his radical submission, risky faith, and remarkable devotion.

Holiness = Happiness

Holiness = Happiness (April, 2003 POL) Topic: Holiness Author: Robert R. Kopp, Pastor, Bethany Presbyterian Church, Loves Park, IL Title: Holiness = Happiness Text: selected scripture There's a miracle happening in Rockford, Illinois. Women and men who love Jesus are crossing color, class, cul

When the ‘Rude’ Becomes Holy

"Rood," of course, in the expression "Holy Rood," is spelled "r-o-o-d" (and I see no point for the present in annoying you with its linguistic history; the mention of Shakespeare has done enough to strain your patience already). But permit me today to spell it "r-u-d-e." Spelled that way, doesn't the designation "Holy Rude" capture the paradox of the cross?