Good Friday: TGI Friday

Do we have a TGI Friday attitude toward the cross? This Easter sermon challenges our cool detachment toward the cross: Keep it on the steeple. Put a bronze one on the altar. Hang one in the baptistry. At least let it get no closer than a nice piece of jewelry. But if we really undertand the cross, we know that it was our sin that put Jesus there.

Abundant Life: How to Live Life to the Fullest

The focal point of this message is the challenge to place or renew our faith in Jesus. When we do so, wel discover what it is to live life to the fullest. We discover that paradox that in losing yourself to Christ's love and grace in the service of others, you find yourself in the abundant life you were created to live!

Resurrection: Is There Really a Resurrection?

Is there really a resurrection? Jesus taught that there was, and He was raised from the cold grip of death Himself! According to this Easter sermon, we must run like Peter and John did to see about news this good. If true, nothing will ever be the same again.

Easter: Above the Rain Climb Mountains

'John tells us that one day a train screeched into the station called Israel. Jesus got off, and he told the milling crowds, the tired tourists wondering which train to take next, that His train was headed to a fabled land, a kingdom where the mountains climb for miles.' This Easters sermon invites us on a journey of hope.

Easter Season: Barabbas

This sermon looks at the story of Easter from the perspective of Barabbas, the only man who ever lived, who could assert--literally--that Christ Jesus died for him.