God played chess with the devil. And the pieces were human beings. The devil was ahead until God became one of the pieces. "Check," said the devil at Golgotha. Three days later God replied, "Checkmate!" This Easter message focuses on God's ability to break through any barrier.

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe? This Easter sermon examines what it means to believe and have our beliefs shape our lives.

He’s in the World Today

This sermon reminds us of what Easter means: that Jesus, who once lived among us as a man and did saving works among us, is still living among us, still doing those same saving works, wherever God is - and God is everywhere.

Living Through a Tragedy

The happy ending of Easter Sunday is meaningless unless we first understand the tragedy of Jesus' crcifixion. This sermon calls us to look beyond the tragedy around us to the One who is greater.

When Stones Cry Out

The Easter season is a time calling for praise and rejoicing. All nature sings and shouts and waves its praise to the Creator in the boldest, brightest colors it can find. And, as this sermon makes clear, we who are Christians have a special reason to rejoice at Easter.

Jesus’ Death: The Risen Christ — Satisfied with His Sufferings Isaiah 53:3-12

This sermon invites us to deepen our understanding and strengthen our faith as we fix our gaze on the resurrection of Jesus as it was described by the prophet Isaiah 700 years before the first Easter. Iin Isaiah 53 we see the content and the confirmation of the resurrection of Christ -- content because the precious meaning of it for our lives is opened to us; and confirmation because it was predicted 700 years before it happened.

Good Friday: In the Silence

This sermon explores the idea of silence. Good Friday, says Willimon, is a time for confession, repentance, honesty and candid self-examination. Jesus is going this night to do His work. Now, in the silence, in the aloneness, we have our work to do as well.