The Christmas Caravan On The Move

This sermon starts with the visit of the Magi and then asks, "What next?" Where did they go after encountering Jesus, what did they do? Surely whereever they went they proclaimed what they had seen: that the Light of the world had come, that God had come to us. We are called to do the same.

Extreme Makeover – A Christmas Eve Message

What does Christmas have in common with and "Extreme Makeover" reality show? Three things, declares this sermon: First, an outsider sees the possibilities you couldn't see. Second, that outsider does what you couldn't do. Third, that outsider pays for what you could not afford to pay.

A Service Of Lessons And Carols

Ever think about shaking things up? Doing Christmas totally different this year? Think again. Three years ago our church staff, driven by my idea, decided to go totally contemporary at our three Christmas Eve services. I was tired of the "traditional" Christmas service and thought we should rock out this...

God’s Whistle Blower

Malachi 3:1-4; Luke 1:68-79; Philippians 1:3-11; Luke 3:1-6 In our watchfulness for the coming of the Christ-child, this is the Sunday for John the Baptizer, one of God's last Old Testament prophets, and the original whistle blower. But then again, who among the prophets is not a...

Love Never Fails

Christmas is all about letting God make the arrangements. And God is so much more able to make all the arrangements than even the best wedding planner or travel agent. Why? BECAUSE HIS LOVE NEVER FAILS! This Christmas sermon details how God's love for us arranged the first coming of Christ perfectly, and how his love can still be trusted to get it all right.

A Gift The World Cannot Give

Galatians 5:19-26 Not many months ago I read about a poll that was done by radio listeners and disc jockeys concerning the #1 Rock "N" Roll song of all-time. Since the roots of that kind of music stretch back to the time of my own teen-age years I wondered if my idea about the #1 song of that era would...

The Christmas Perspective

What's your Christmas perspective? Is it just a holiday, a day off, a day of giving and receiving gifts? Or is it the celebration of the one who has drastically changed your life and provided eternal life for you? This sermon challenges us by asking, "Does your celebration include acts of gratitude to the one who gave his life for you?"

Discovering the Signs of Christmas

There is a sign in everybody's night. It is the Christ-child - the Light of all humanity. God gave that sign at night to remind each of us that in the darkest hour of our lives, the Most High God gives a sign that brings life and light. This Christmas sermon offers hope to those who believe that God is truly with us.

Packing up Christmas for Another Year

When is Christmas over? When is the appropriate time to pack it up for another year? From the commercial standpoint it's over on December 24. But from the spiritual standpoint it's never over. This sermon challenges us not to pack away Christmas, but to pack ourselves with Christmas, because we need our Christmas faith all year long.

The Greatest Gift Ever Given

This Christmas sermon takes aim at the Gospel according to Santa Claus, reminding us that the season is not primarily about gifts given and received. Rather, Christmas is about how the love of God was demonstrated when God gave to us the greatest gift ever given: His only begotten Son.