Born of the Virgin Mary

This Christmas sermon takes a detailed look at the virgin birth, asking why we should believe it, why it is so controversial, and what, in practical terms, it mean for our lives.

Meant to be Sent

Reflecting on minor Christmas story characters, Zechariah and Elizabeth, this sermon offers this challenge: No matter how old or young you are, you are meant to be sent. Be willing to be surprised by God. Open yourself to a maturing faith that enables you to be continually used by God!

A Child is Born!

Isaiah's prophecy foretold the birth of a child who would be called "Everlasting Father." This Christmas sermon makes the connection between the Child and the Father and reminds us to rejoice in our "Everlasting Father who listens to us and provides for us. He grants to us what we need. And He knows what we need better than we know what we need. To borrow from a sitcom of the 1950s, 'the Everlast­ing Father Knows Best!'"

The Christmas Story: Born for a Purpose

In a unique sense, Jesus was born to die upon Calvary; and even in His birth we see the shadow of His death. The cradle of Christmas points to the cross of Calvary. This sermon explores the connection between the two.

Preparing for the Christmas Story

In this Christmas season of preparation and anticipation, this sermon reflects on the preparation that Almighty God put into the very first Christmas production - the birth of His Son, Christ Jesus. Every fact and facet of this momentous event was calculated by God with great precision and forethought.

Not Bad, Just Too Busy

At Christmas-time, it is so easy to get caught up in a month-long frenzy of buying, rushing, decorating, and partying. The danger is that in the midst of all the busyness, buying, and partying, we will miss the real meaning of Christmas. Just like the Bethlehem innkeeper. This sermon offers six suggestions for getting back in touch with the reason for the season.

Longing For Eden

Part of a series that explores the meaning of Old Testament prophecies about the coming of Jesus, this Christmas sermon starts with Genesis 3 and looks at how the coming of Jesus fulfills our longing for Eden.

There’s A Miracle In Your Mess

Figuratively speaking, many of us have been impregnated by God. There is a dream, a business, a ministry, a book, or some great work that He is growing within us. Unfortunately for the average person, spiritual pregnancies are even more difficult to handle than natural births. But, as this sermon attests, the message of Christmas can help you deal with the contradiction of your inner reality and your external circumstances.

What Do I Want For Christmas?

God puts to us the same issue that God put before Ahaz on the road beside the fuller's field. Where do we turn when seeking to build a world? Do we turn to our limited, sin-distorted human ways, or do we trust in the unending promises of God, and in the way God reveals Himself through Christ? This sermon asks us what we want for Christmas, and encourages us to want what God wants for us.

We Interrupt This Christmas…

Christmas is all about interruptions. It is all about God breaking into neatly planned tightly wrapped, well-ordered lives and doing something new. This Christmas sermon invites us to hear God's call in the interruptions, to see them not as obstacles but as God-given opportunities.