In the Sept. 24, 2015, edition of his "Turning Point Daily Devotional," David Jeremiah writes: “On Dec. 28, 1900, The (Toronto) Daily Mail and Empire ran this headline: “Illness Slight, Worry Killed Him.” The story said: “James McIntosh, of 535 Talbot Avenue, Braddock, worried himself to death. That is the opinion of his attending physician. McIntosh came to Braddock a year ago with his young wife, coming from London, Ontario.

“On Christmas Eve, McIntosh was attacked with acute laryngitis, and he feared he would not get well, although Dr. G.E. Blair, who attended him, told him there was no danger. He worried continually, and in 48 hours was a corpse. His excessive worry is said to have affected his heart.” (The Toronto Daily Mail and Empire, Dec. 28, 1900)

Twice the Lord told us not to worry. The first time had reference to our food, clothes and daily needs; and Jesus told us not to worry about those things for the heavenly Father knows our needs (Matt. 6:27-34). The other time is when we’re persecuted or imprisoned. Even then, we’re not to worry, for God will show us what to say and do (Matt. 10:19). He’s in control, although it may appear we’ve been defeated.”

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