Someone has defined tact as “dealing with others as we would have them deal with us.” The word comes from the Latin term tactus and means “to touch.” We must seek to touch the hearts of people – not knock them down with a club! We should carefully weigh our words and study our approach. Each prospective convert must be handled in a different way. Zeal alone is not enough. To win souls, we should use the head as well as the heart.

A barber attended a meeting one night where the speaker stressed the need to witness for Christ. The man felt convicted, so he determined he would speak to the first person who came into his shop. The next morning after the customer had been seated and the apron tucked around his neck, the barber began to strop his razor vigorously. Then testing the edge, he turned to man in the chair and asked, “Friend, are you ready to die and meet God?” The man looked at the razor are fled out the door – apron and all! The barber had zeal, but not according to knowledge.

Let us always ask the Lord for that rare trait called “tact” so that we can reach folks for Christ.

-M.R. DeHaan


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