Brady Whitehead, chaplain of Lambuth College in Tennessee, tells the true
story of a student whose parents were tragically killed in an accident. This
student suddenly became the beneficiary of the estate. According to Brady,
he started squandering the money on lavish trips. He would even invite other
students to go along at his expense. He was spending the money so fast that
Brady called him into his office one day and had a talk with him. He said
that as Chaplain of the school he felt it was his responsibility to question
his spending habits. The student responded: “But what you don’t understand
is just how much money I have inherited.” Well, that may be so, said Brady,
but even to a large estate there comes an end. Well, the student did not
listen, and Brady revealed that by the time he graduated from Lambuth, all
of his parent’s money was gone. (The Prodigal Son, Brett Blair and Staff, ChristianGlobe Network, Inc, 2001)

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