If I were to ask you to name the most valuable thing in the world, ounce for
ounce, you would probably say that it was gold, or platinum or perhaps diamonds
or emeralds. In fact the most valuable thing in the world measured by its
weight is a piece of paper. It’s not just any piece of paper, it’s a stamp
printed in Sweden in 1855. Known as the Treskilling Yellow, it is thought to be
the only postage stamp of its kind in existence and it recently sold for 1.2
million dollars. When one thinks of what 1.2 million dollars could do devoted
to good causes, it seems an awful waste of money. Perhaps people put too much
value on objects, and too little value on human lives and human souls.

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About The Author

Robert Shannon, a retired preacher living in North Carolina, began preaching at the age of 16. He has preached in churches in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Florida, his longest ministry at First Christian Church of Largo Florida. Now in semi-retirement, he has preached regularly for churches in North Carolina and Tennessee. He has also contributed to kingdom work as a missionary to Eastern Europe and as a Bible College professor. He is past-president of the North American Christian Convention. Bob is the author or co-author of several books.

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