David Jeremiah points out that, “The cocoon of the Emperor moth is flask-like in shape. To develop into a perfect insect, it must force its way through the neck of its cocoon by hours of intense struggle. Entomologists explain that this pressure is nature’s way of forcing a life-giving substance into its wings. wanting to lessen the seemingly needless trials and struggles of the moth, an observer said, “I’ll lessen the pain and struggles of this helpless creature!” With small scissors he snipped the restraining threads to make the moth’s emergence painless and effortless. The creature never developed wings. For a brief time before its death, it simply crawled instead of flying through the air on rainbow colored wings! If only the moth would have been allowed to finish struggling, its life would have been born into beauty. Sorrow, suffering, trials, and tribulations are wisely designed to grow us into being like Christ.

“Today’s temptation can become tomorrow’s strength; today’s trials, tomorrow’s triumphs; today’s crisis, tomorrow’s crown. Christians suffer from spiritual atrophy when they are not strengthened through struggles. The refining and developing processes are oftentimes slow, but through grace, we emerge triumphant.”
(Turning Point Daily Devotional, 8/26/03)

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