Sin Costs!

While being entertained in the home of a fine Christian architect, I was surprised when he told me that his next project was a jail! He remarked that the cost of construction for such a building was high, amounting to approximately $10,000 per occupant. Imagine! In order to house criminals (not to rehabilitate them) that much money must be spent. A detention building for 100 prisoners would involve an outlay of about a million dollars! This is simply one facet of crime control. In addition, we have to face the ever-increasing inflationary spiral involving personnel, equipment, and litigation. Crime costs! Such is always the story of sin. From the inception of the race, man’s transgression has demanded a price. Far beyond the monetary considerations, its penalty is eternal death – separation from God. No man sins cheaply. Even in the life of the believer, transgressions not confessed bring chastisement and loss of joy.

James 1:15

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