In a particular church they had a lady who was known to be the town gossip. She was always sticking her nose into other people’s business. One day she accused a new member of being an alcoholic because she had seen his truck in the parking lot in front of a bar. The new member said that he had simply parked there; but the gossip said that if his truck was parked in front of the bar, she knew he was up to no good inside.
The new member, being a quiet sort, simply and silently walked away from the accusation. He didn’t try to talk her out of anything. He did, however, get a bit of revenge when later that evening he quietly parked his truck in front of the gossip’s house, walked home and left it there all night.

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A third generation preacher, Mike Shannon is Professor of Preaching at Cincinnati Bible Seminary of Cincinnati Christian University. He has served as a preaching minister, church planter, and college professor. His most recent preaching ministry was at the historic First Christian Church of Johnson City, Tennessee. In his nearly two decades at Cincinnati Christian University, Mike has served as both professor and Dean of the Seminary. He has also been an adjunct professor at Milligan College and Northern Kentucky University. Mike is the author or co-author of several books.

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