If you were to evaporate a ton of water from the Pacific Ocean, you would get approximately 79 pounds of salt. A ton of Atlantic water would yield 81 pounds. And from the Dead Sea you would get almost 500 pounds of salt.

As these statistics demonstrate, the earth’s bodies of water vary greatly in their degree of saltiness. So do Christians. Jesus said that we are “the salt of the earth” (Matt. 5:13). But we all have different levels of “salt content.” Let’s look at a few Scripture references to see what it means to be “salty.”
* Salt enhances flavor (Job 6:6).
* Salt indicated purity in speech (Col. 4:6).
* Salt symbolizes keeping a promise (Num. 18:19).
* Salt speaks of goodness (Mark 9:50).
Now, check your salt content. Are you the kind of person others like to be around? Is your conversation pure? Do you keep promises? Are you characterized by goodness? An unbelieving world is watching and listening to you. What do they see and hear?

-Our Daily Bread

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