One of the most prominent features of the Portland skyline is the Oregon
Convention Center with twin towers stretching 260 feet above the complex.

Shortly before the center was completed, however, its impressive jade-green
glass towers suddenly posed a problem that threatened to delay the opening of
the $90 million project. Apparently, back in the design stages, no one stopped
long enough to ask, “How is anybody going to clean these glass
towers?” It wasn’t until construction was well under way that someone
recognized the problem. Standard window-washing systems couldn’t handle the
job. So a Los Angeles-based engineering firm was hired to figure out a way to
keep the twin spires from becoming permanently dirty and discolored.

Thankfully, God thought about the problem of cleansing our hearts long before
He created Adam and Eve. And He knew exactly what He was going to do to cleanse
us thoroughly, even though the drama of redemption wasn’t played out in human
history for several thousand years.

Illustration taken from:
Palau’s book, How to Renew Your Spiritual
, Discovery House, 1995.

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