F.B. Meyer, preaching in Keswick, England, in 1904, used this vivid illustration to describe his own moment of surrender to Christ:
“I remember so well when He came to my heart and challenged me as to the keys of the fortress.. . . Before I gave them to Him I put one small key in my pocket. Have not you done that, and handed to Him the bunch minus that key? He gave it back, and said He could not be King at all if He could not be King of everything. I put my hand in my pocket where I had hidden it, and said, ‘I cannot give it, but You may take it,’ and He took that tiny key.

He looked at me with those eyes which are as a flame of fire, and said, ‘Are all the keys there?’ I said, ‘All but this, and I cannot give it; but I am willing for Thee to take it’ and He took it at that. Then they were all His.”

Jesus must have all the keys of our heart – nothing held back. He must be at the center of our purpose and desire in life.
(Turning Point Daily Devotional, 11/6/03)


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