In his Feb. 4, 2016, Turning Point Daily Devotional, David Jeremiah writes: “Imagine walking into a pitch-dark room: no windows, no lamps, no shadows, no light of any kind. You light a single candle and hold it over your head. When your eyes adjust, you can see a bit of what’s in the room. Now imagine that same room with five people with candles—the overall light is brighter. Then imagine 10 people with candles, then 25, then 50. At some point the darkness is overcome by the light.

“Think of that room as this spiritually dark world (Col. 1:13). Being born into this world is like walking into that dark room. Your candle is lit when you receive and believe the gospel. A tiny bit of light dispels some of the darkness. Then you share the gospel—the candles of others are lit—and more and more darkness is driven out. Every time the gospel is shared, Satan’s kingdom of darkness is threatened. When the gospel is embraced, Satan’s influence and dominion is weakened (1 John 5:19).

“Paul wrote that we were once darkness but are now light ‘in the Lord.’ Our responsibility is to invade Satan’s kingdom with the light of the glory of God in Christ.”

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