The “Wait A Bit” Bush

A.C. Cappy from England sent me this incident illustrating Satan’s delaying tactics: “While traveling in Jamaica, a man notices a curious shrub growing near the roadside. His companion informed him that the island people called it the ‘wait a bit’ bush. When he inspected it closely, his clothes touched it, and he found himself snared by thorns which resembled fishhooks. The more he tried to free himself, the more he became entangled by its barbs. Finally he had to rely on his friend to release him from his hopeless situation.”

The devil has many “wait a bit” bushes along the road of life. Unsaved men and women can easily become hooked by some evil habit, or they can become overly concerned with temporal goals which detain them from answering the all-important question of life. Only as they call upon Christ, the Friend of sinners, can they find release from these snares.

– Our Daily Bread

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