Feel the Darkness

Some years ago my family visited a cave in the state of Kentucky. The guide led us through many beautiful and winding subterranean passageways. Suddenly he turned off all the lights and said, “I’m the only one who knows how to get back to the entrance. If I left you here, you’d probably never find your way out. Anyone lost in this cave would no doubt become insane within a week from the oppressive loneliness. Be quiet for a moment and feel the darkness!” I remember my youngster clutching my arm. After about 30 seconds, someone in the party could endure it no longer and cried out, “Turn on the lights! I’m going crazy now!” The guide laughed, but we’ll not soon forget that frightening experience. I thought of the “outer darkness” of Hell and shuddered!

The Father in Heaven still invites men to the wedding feast of salvation. Through the Savior’s atonement He has provided the perfect garment of righteousness that every sinner needs. You can avoid the horror of blackness that each doomed soul will experience in Hell. Without delay, receive Him who is the Eternal Light!

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