Philip Pillsbury had an international reputation as a connoisseur of fine foods. But to his employees, he was one of the troops. He bore the unmistakable mark of a journeyman grain miller – the tips of three of his fingers were missing. He would not allow his wealth and prestige to separate him from the workers he led, and he had the factory scars to prove it.

The term “servant leader” describes those who serve those whom they lead; leaders whose main task is to remove the obstacles that might keep their followers from succeeding. Jesus Christ was certainly a servant leader, as was the apostle Paul. In fact, Paul confessed that he would rather do anything than hinder the spread of the Gospel. So he gave up his rights in order that none would be confused about his motives. He adapted himself to the lifestyle of those he sought to win to Christ. And he bore in his body the telltale marks of a follower of Jesus (Galatians 6:17). What marks do we bear that reveal our willingness to serve those we are called to lead?

Commitment to a cause is measured by the self-denial we’re willing to endure to see it accomplished. (Turning Point Daily Devotional, 8/19/03)

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