A Christian was writing a check for $500 to give for a specific church project and was ready to hand it to the pastor. As he was handing the check to the pastor, he jerked his hand back with the check and tore it up in front of the pastor’s astonished eyes. He quickly explained that as he was giving his check, he suddenly realized he was grudgingly giving the money and with selfish motives. He sat back down at his desk and wrote another check, but this time for $1,000. As he handed the check over to the pastor he said, “I cannot afford to grow stingy and selfish. If I begin to dislike giving, I shall soon cease to give altogether. I must give, and give often, and give generously, until I enjoy giving once more.”

Someone commented, “That is the way to conquer selfishness; do something unselfish, and keep doing such things until you enjoy them.”

(GBF Hallock, 5,000 Best Modern Illustrations, New York: George H. Doran Company, 1927. p 634).

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