A blind man once stood on a corner at a busy intersection reading aloud Acts 4 from a portion of a Braille Bible. A gentleman on his way home stopped at the edge of the crowd that had gathered to listen. At that very moment, the sightless man lost his place. While trying to find it, he kept repeating the last three words he has just read: “No other name…No other name…No other name…” Many smiled, but the inquisitive bystander went away impressed. He had been searching for inner peace and therefore was ready to be influenced by a few words spoken “in season.” He had heard the verse before, but that one phrase haunted him. Before morning he surrendered to the Holy Sprit’s wooing and accepted the Savior. “I see it all now,” he cried. “I’ve been trying to be saved by my own works and prayer. But Jesus alone can help me. He is my Mediator. There is no other Man whereby I must be saved.” Thus a blind man’s witness, given in a stumbling manner, was used to lead a seeking soul to Christ.

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