Mike Duffy, writing in the Detroit Free Press, makes this observation: “For many people, blue Monday is merely the follow-up to blah Sunday.” Although it might be difficult to pin down one specific reason for this strange phenomenon, Mr. Duffy does single out a possible cause. He says, “Sundays just aren’t the same as they used to be. And the change from a tightly structured day, focused on the family and religious observance, to a wide-open day of leisure and languor is what may be causing the anxiety attacks.” Duffy then quotes Professor Jack Nachbar of Ohio’s Bowling Green State University: “It used to be that Sunday was devoted, in a religious sense, to a day of rest. Family units were a lot closer. You’d go to church, visit relatives, have a big Sunday dinner, go on outings, and then go back to church.”

-Sermons Illustrated July/August 1990

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