It is so damp in northern California they say that everything will either rust,
root, or rot. But we have the assurance of Jesus that treasures laid up in
Heaven will neither rust, nor rot.
In His day wealth was often in metal or cloth which did in fact rust and rot.
our treasures may be intangible, but that does not mean they will last.
Recession or inflation will reduce them in time. But treasures laid up in
Heaven are not affected by either. We may have to change the image from that of
Jesus’ day to our own, but the truth behind the image is unchanged. The only
wealth we ever really keep is the wealth we give away.

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About The Author

Robert Shannon, a retired preacher living in North Carolina, began preaching at the age of 16. He has preached in churches in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Florida, his longest ministry at First Christian Church of Largo Florida. Now in semi-retirement, he has preached regularly for churches in North Carolina and Tennessee. He has also contributed to kingdom work as a missionary to Eastern Europe and as a Bible College professor. He is past-president of the North American Christian Convention. Bob is the author or co-author of several books.

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