Some time ago a scientific magazine published an article concerning a certain species of alligator. Being lazy beasts they seldom hunt for their dinner but just wait for their unwary victims to come to them. They lie near the bank with open mouths, acting as if they are dead. Soon flies begin to light on their moist tongues, and several other insects gather. This crowd attracts bigger game. A lizard will crawl up to the alligator to feed on the bugs; then a frog joins the party. Presently a whole menagerie is there; then there is a sudden “earthquake” – WHAM – the giant jaws come together and the party is over! Here’s the lesson: don’t be lured by large groups of people. Remember, the crowd is always found on the “broad way.” The “narrow way” of life admits only individuals, one by one. Most people take the easy, downward path. You as a Christian must follow Jesus on the upward road; it is the only safe way.

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