A newspaper article reminded me of the kind of “delayed returns” we should be living for. It told of a car dealer who went out of his way to give a foreign student an honest deal on a new automobile. Fifteen years later, the young man had become the sole purchasing agent for the Iranian Contractors Association. He showed his gratitude for the kindness he had received by placing a multimillion-dollar order with that dealer for 750 dump trucks and 350 pickups. “It’s unbelievable!” exclaimed the businessman. The good he had done was rewarded years later beyond his wildest imagination.

Just as that sales man’s reward came later so too God will commend us in Glory. If we do good to others for the immediate thanks we receive, we already have our reward. But if we do it for God, the future return will be as sure and generous as He is.

-M.R. Dehaan II

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