Ten Commandments

Parents do many things because they want the best for their children in the long run. Some actions may feel restrictive or even harsh at the moment, but parents believe that fruit will come in the end. For example, parents may scold their children for using certain language or may steer them away from kids who could be a bad influence. Such restrictions are not meant to keep kids from having fun, but rather are for their well-being and are rooted in love.

Some people consider parts of the Ten Commandments no longer applicable to contemporary society. They don’t see the connection between adherence to these commands and an individual’s well-being. Even many of us quite familiar with the Ten Commandments read through them without realizing that they are rooted in God’s profound love for us. Because He created us, God knows that certain actions will lead us into bondage and away from Him. Notice that even before God gave the Ten Commandments, He reminded the people that He had led them out of their slavery in Egypt. God’s “commands, decrees and laws” (Deut. 6:1) always lead to freedom from slavery and destruction.

Today in the Word, Dec. 2003, p.10

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