“One of the best ways of describing our relationship with God is to think in terms of the human relationship of courtship and marriage. Those of us who are married can remember when we fell in love with that person to whom we are now married. We remember how focused our thoughts were on that other person. We couldn’t wait for that letter to arrive. We savored every phone conversation, and we were so happy when we were together. The years have a way of taking their toll on that kind of excitement in relationship. So quickly we take each other for granted, have our little complaints about each other and, if we are not careful, can grow distant from each other. What once brought enormous mutual pleasure in the relationship loses the intimacy that is so important and no longer brings pleasure, joy and fulfillment. You and I are privileged not only to cultivate that in our earthly relationships but to increasingly develop that kind of intimacy with God.” (John A. Huffman, Jr.)

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