As a lad, James M. Gray had a friend whose father was very wealthy. Having already made a fortune, the man sought to add to it by purchasing a large tract of real estate in upper Manhattan Island. At that time it was known as Harlem Flats. One day Gray’s young companion said, “Let’s go up and see the land Dad bought.” Dr. Gray, recounting the incident years later, said, “I remember how I laughed when we got there. He couldn’t show me a single spot of dry ground. The property was completely covered over with tidewater. I didn’t see much of an investment in that for anybody. But, of course, his father did not acquire it for what it was worth then, but for its value in decades to come.” Today that land has all been filled in and is heavily populated. It represents million and millions of dollars to its present owners.

What a picture of our redemption! God sees our worth and value even when we don’t. He looks ahead to the finished product.

-Sermons Illustrated May/June 1989


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