“Athletic contests are games; life is not. I remember the first Super Bowl though it was not called the Super Bowl. As an avid Kansas City Chief fan, I was disappointed as I watched Bart Starr pick the defense apart just like he had two weeks earlier when he defeated my other favorite team. I didn’t like Bart Starr, and after the game…I was in such a bad mood I didn’t attend an outstanding conference at the church where I was a member. (Back then, the game was over by 6:15p)

“Now living in Birmingham, I have met and visited with Bart Starr. He is genuinely a very good man, and I admire him. Why did I let the Super Bowl ruin my evening and my opinion of Starr? Because I forgot it was just a game. Sporting events are games, while life and character building are not. It does not matter whether you win or lose a game; it absolutely matters if you allow it to ruin your life or impact your character judgments.” (Gary Fenton, “Character Path.” )

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