A Pumpkin Tree?

Oppressed by the noonday heat, a tired farmer sat under a walnut tree to rest. Relaxing, he looked at his pumpkin vines and said to himself, “How strange it is that God puts such big heavy pumpkins on a frail vine that has so little strength it has to trail on the ground!” And then looking up into the cool branches of the tree above him, he added, “How strange it is that God puts small walnuts on such a big tree with branches to strong they could hold a man!”

Just then a breeze dislodged a walnut from the tree. The tired farmer wondered no more as he rubbed his head ruefully and said, “It’s a good thing there wasn’t a pumpkin up there instead of a walnut.”

Hopefully when the breezes of life blow, you will remember that God, who is great and wise, makes no mistakes. He deserves our praise under any circumstances.

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