The Passover meal is rich with symbolism relating to God’s salvation, both for the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and for us from bondage to sin.

The unleavened bread shows the haste of the people’s leaving. The bitter herbs reflect the bitterness of slavery. Savory chutney has a mortar-like texture, reminiscent of the brick-making and hard labor in Egypt. Red wine embodies joy. Most importantly, the roasted lamb, sacrificed before the meal, illustrates redemption. Paul explicitly called Christ “our Passover lamb” (1Cor. 5:7). When Jesus shared the “Last Supper” with His disciples, it was the Passover meal that He ate and transformed into the “Lord’s Supper” celebrated in our churches today (Luke 22:7-20).

Today in the Word, July 2003, p.30

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