“For many of our nation's toll roads, rather than stopping at a tollbooth to toss some change in a hopper, you can purchase a transponder, sometimes called an EZ-Pass, and zip through in the left lanes without slowing down to the acceptable speed limit. Instead of cash, tickets and paper receipts, it's a microchip tag placed on your windshield containing pertinent data, which eases your way. Your data is quickly read by a tollbooth electronic antenna as your car zooms on through. It automatically deducts your appropriate toll tax. This computerized collection system then sends a monthly statement to your home with tallies of times and places for your records. EZ-Pass is like a debit card for your car, only quicker. No more stopping at the tollgate, the narrow gate.

Sometimes it seems that everybody wants the easy way to the front of the line, a quick way to glory and fast track to success. However, Jesus says, I am the narrow gate. There's no quick way in; there's no shortcut. If He weren’t the Christ Himself already, He'd be the perfect patron saint of tollgates. (David Beckett, “EZ-Pass,” Sermons.com newsletter)

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