Many years ago Orson Wells produced a radio drama of an imaginary attack from outer space. A student at Campbell College in North Carolina turned on his radio midway through the broadcast and did not realize he was hearing a fictitious report. When the announcer vividly described fire falling upon the earth, the student recalled some sermons from his boyhood years and concluded that the end of the world had come. He grabbed the telephone and called home, saying: “Mama, Mama, have you got your radio on? The fire is falling, the end of the world is coming, and I’m not ready to meet God!” The next morning he was the object of jokes and teasing around the campus.

But in the chapel service a godly Bible teacher took the podium and said, “I understand that one of the boys got a lot of ribbing because he got scared listening to the radio program last night. But, young men and women, what if it had truly been the end of the world last night – would you be ready?”

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