The Constitution
of the United States says nothing about the separation of church and state.
That phrase does appear in the Soviet Constitution.

Nothing in our
history indicates that the government should be independent of moral values
or that religious people shouldn’t take an active role in our government.

The first official
act of the U.S. Congress formed under our Constitution was to select a chaplain.
The second act was to authorize the purchase of 20,000 Bibles to give to the

Every political
candidate has political values which he acquired somewhere. Why is it OK for
a politician to develop his world view from Karl Marx or Norman Lear, but not
a world view based on the New Testament or Torah?

Our nation was
born as a religious government, and there is no reason 70 million evangelicals
should be separated from elective or public-policy decisions. PAW (People for
the American Way) and others who advocate separating this Christian bloc from
government involvement are indeed showing their own religious intolerance.

From USA Today

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