A popular restaurant has a slogan “No Rules. Just Right.” No doubt
the restaurant is trying to enhance its image as a place where you can have fun
and eat in an informal atmosphere. The slogan, if taken seriously, reveals an
interesting tendency in our society. We rebel against rules.

Rules are important, however. Aren’t we glad there are rules in the restaurant
about food safety? Aren’t we glad there are rules about how a server can treat
you? Aren’t we glad there are rules about charging you what it says on the

How could we tell something was just right if we have no rule by which to
measure rightness? Some rules may be silly and artificial, but chaos reigns
where there are no rules.

Illustration by J. Michael Shannon, Professor of Preaching, Cincinnati Bible
College & Seminary, Cincinnati, OH.

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About The Author

A third generation preacher, Mike Shannon is Professor of Preaching at Cincinnati Bible Seminary of Cincinnati Christian University. He has served as a preaching minister, church planter, and college professor. His most recent preaching ministry was at the historic First Christian Church of Johnson City, Tennessee. In his nearly two decades at Cincinnati Christian University, Mike has served as both professor and Dean of the Seminary. He has also been an adjunct professor at Milligan College and Northern Kentucky University. Mike is the author or co-author of several books.

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