Rescuing the Flock

A friend once told D.L. Moody just how the sheep in the Highlands of Scotland are rescued when they wander off and become stranded on a rocky crag. He said, “The vegetation on those mountains is so sweet that the sheep will jump down 10 or 12 feet to get it. Soon their bleating can be heard as they try unsuccessfully to return to higher ground. The shepherd does not rush to the rescue but leaves them where they are until there’s no more grass to be eaten. After several days they become so faint they can’t stand up. At that point the herdsman will lower himself to the dangerous ledge below and bring them to the fold.” Mr. Moody asked, “Why doesn’t he go down as soon as the sheep get into trouble?” “Ah,” said his friend, “if he did, those animals are so stupid they would dash right over the edge of the cliff and be killed!”

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