Another reason for where our young people are today is the lack of intimacy. A little over a year ago I debated the co-founder of Playboy on television for three hours. He agreed with me on this point. My statement was this – we have not been through a sexual revolution. We have not. What we have been through in the last fifteen years has been a revolution in the search for intimacy. Most of our young people do not want the physical aspect of sex, they want someone who cares. They want to be able to care. They want intimacy. We have allowed our culture to dictate to us that the only way you find intimacy is through the physical – and that’s an absolute lie!

One woman called me at a university. She said, “Mr. McDowell, in the last five nights I’ve gone to bed with five different men. I got out of bed tonight and looked back and said to myself, “Is that all there is to it?” and she started crying. She said, “Please sir, tell me there’s something more!”

I said, “Yes, it’s called intimacy. It’s what the Bible calls ‘the two shall become one.'”

-Josh McDowell, Moody Founder’s Week 1986

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