One of the slogans of environmentalists is: “The Earth Does Not Belong To
Us. We Belong to the Earth.” Of course, in one sense the slogan is true.
Our bodies came from the dust of the earth. But in another sense, the slogan is
not true. While our bodies came from the earth, we do not belong to the earth.
God breathed His breath into us. We belong to Heaven not earth. We were made
for Heaven, not earth. “This world is not our home.”

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About The Author

Robert Shannon, a retired preacher living in North Carolina, began preaching at the age of 16. He has preached in churches in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Florida, his longest ministry at First Christian Church of Largo Florida. Now in semi-retirement, he has preached regularly for churches in North Carolina and Tennessee. He has also contributed to kingdom work as a missionary to Eastern Europe and as a Bible College professor. He is past-president of the North American Christian Convention. Bob is the author or co-author of several books.

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