Known as the “Bishop of the South Pacific,” John Selwyn had at one time been recognized for his boxing skill. Touched by the Holy Spirit’s convicting power, however, he later became an outstanding missionary. The Southport Methodist magazine reports that one day this saintly leader reluctantly gave a stern but loving rebuke to a man who regularly attended the local church. The disorderly one resented the advice and angrily struck Brother Selwyn a violent blow in the face with his clenched fist. In return the missionary merely folded his arms and humbly looked into the man’s blazing eyes. With his boxing skill and powerful rippling muscles he could easily have knocked out his antagonist. Instead, he turned the other cheek and waited calmly to be hit a second time. This was too much for the assailant who became greatly ashamed and fled into the jungle.

Years afterward, the man accepted the Lord as his Savior and gave his testimony before the church. It was customary at that time for a believer to choose a Christian name for himself after he was saved. When asked if he wished to follow this practice, he replied without hesitation, “Yes, call me John Selwyn! He’s the one who taught me what Jesus Christ is really like!” This brought real joy to the missionary’s heart, for he saw that heeding the Savior’s admonition to suffer wrongfully for His sake had resulted in making his witness effective. Luke 6:29

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