Early in my ministry, I met a man named Worral. He had been stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 15, and when I met him 30 years later, he was totally paralyzed except for 1 finger, could barely speak, and was totally blind. But he had a string tied to the one mobile finger that could turn on a recorder. He wrote for national magazines, authored books and led a happy and influential life from his bed. This was possible because after initial prayers brought no healing, he accepted his lot graciously and said, “Well Lord! If this is the size plot in life you’ve staked out for me, let’s you and me together show the world what we can grow on it.”

Down the path of humble acceptance, Worral achieved a happier and more useful life within the limitations of very restricted circumstances than most people ever will manage with excellent physical health.

-Dr. Floyd Faust

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