Visitors to Milan, Italy, are often disappointed when they see DaVinci’s famous painting “The Last Supper.” It was painted on the wall of a monastery dining room and by now the colors are so faint you can barely see the painting. Restoration has been going on for years with little success. If you knew the history of the world’s most famous fresco you would be even more disappointed. The wall in which it was painted began to crumble almost immediately after it was done. The monks cut a door in the wall cutting off the feet of Christ. Later the building became a stable, then a storage room, then a barracks for soldiers. It amazes us that this great work of art should have been treated so casually. But then, the very supper that inspired it is treated casually by many – even by some who profess that they follow the Christ who instituted it.

-Robert Shannon, Preaching March/April 1999

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