Life can be a roller coaster. There are ups, downs, curves, and all sorts of twists and turns you do not control. However, the roller coaster is still headed to its designed end. We like having a sense of control in our own lives. But, control is really an illusion. All it takes is one bad doctor report, a rebellious child, a car wreck, a pandemic, a misfiled report, or a downturn in the job market to reveal how little control we have over our lives.

         Where our control ends is where we find the joy of the faithfulness of God. While life may seem like a roller coaster at times, God is bringing us to His desired end. His faithfulness will see us through. What we need is a strong conviction in the faithfulness of God, who is the One who is really in control. When I learn to give up my illusion of control and truly trust God, I find that I can enjoy the ride more. I do not mean that all your troubles simply fade away. But, I do mean that when I have a strong confidence in God bringing the ride of my life to His desired end, I can relax and enjoy the ride more.

         Are you holding on to the safety bar of life with clinched fists, terrorized by your own lack of control? Or will you let go and embrace the truth that God is using all the ups and downs to bring you to His desired end?

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