Among my duties as pastor, I frequently visited a resident at a local retirement facility. This elegant lady had taught public school for 29 years, as well as Sunday School for at least that long. Then the unthinkable happened. She contracted Alzheimer’s and was institutionalized. Though I visited her often, there was absolutely no communication.

One day I paused by her wheelchair and looked down into that all too familiar empty stare. I felt so challenged, so helpless in the face of that unyielding silence. If there were only some way I could penetrate the barrier. Previous attempts had resulted in absolute frustration.

On a whim I took her hand and said, “Jesus loves you, doesn’t He?” Her eyes brightened as she responded, “Uh-huh!” “And you love Him, too, don’t you?” Same response! I was ecstatic! Yet immediately the lights went out once again. Further conversation proved to be futile.

However, all was not lost from experiencing those few mysterious moments. Once again, I was reminded of something very important. Though we may be locked out, Jesus still has a key.

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